How do I move my website to theProduct? (We help!)

We Do It For You!

And in a lot of situations, we’ll even do it for free.
We move your files, your website, DNS records, and your online interests over to Hosting theProduct at no cost to you. As long as your current hosting allows for the shifting of your online assets into ours, we can move your online assets over to Hosting theProduct without concern. We’ll take care of everything, giving you one less thing to worry about.
With anything that is free, there are some limits, of course. Migrating custom hosting solutions (such as dedicated servers) is a significantly more involved process for the very small number of people this applies to – we’re sure you’re already well aware, but we can work with you to work out a migration strategy and advise of any costs involved.

All WordPress. All Business.

All tuned for maximum performance, reliability and security… and All in Australia!

How do I get it?

The other main consideration is dependent on the hosting provider that you’re with. Most hosting providers are set up using “cPanel”, and migrating from here is normally quite a straightforward affair – but some hosting providers either do not allow a website to be migrated or they make it a significant uphill battle.
These are worked out on a case by case basis, but we’re here to help and we hate to see people get shafted by shonky hosting providers, so we’ll always do what we can. In situations where there does need to be some associated costs, we’ll discuss these with you in advance and get your approval before we continue.

Make Things Easier

Sadly though, some data cannot always be migrated. Depending on the setup, it may not be possible to migrate old emails between servers (we could insert an army of asterisks here – but suffice to say… it’s complicated). This is one of the many reasons we strongly recommend businesses consider Office 365 for Business to manage their emails (and we can help you with this), as it is vastly superior to traditional POP/IMAP.
There are some costs associated with the setup and migration of this service (although we include it for free on some of our managed hosting packages), but it’s well worth the security, reliability, and robust features it brings (it also means you’ll likely never need to migrate your emails again – regardless of who your website host is).

Get Proof

We know it can be hard to find the right person to trust with your business, so we thought we’d let our clients speak for us. Check out what they have to say, and then feel free to get in touch to start your journey with us.

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